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Wayne builds blockchain ecosystems by helping business, government and society unlock the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. He previously lead global partnerships at the world's largest blockchain think-tank, the Blockchain Research Institute with over 100+ members including companies like IBM, Coca-Cola, FedEx, Fujitsu, Tencent, P&G, Delta Airlines, the Canadian Government, Bank of Canada, Binance, Polygon, Cosmos and more.


In 2021, Wayne grew the global blockchain ecosystem by launching strategic partnerships in Europe, Middle East, Africa, South Korea, and Brazil. 

For individuals and businesses, Wayne helps provide education, research, and tools on how blockchain can be used to accelerate innovations in business and government to reduce costs and complexity, reduce friction, and enhance customer value and relationships. For blockchain entrepreneurs and platforms, Wayne helps design and execute strategies to grow user engagement, enhance the value of the network, and attract strategic investors and partners in the best interest of the Founders.


Since 2015, Wayne has combined innovative data and technical analysis, networking, and strategic business review to evaluate blockchain teams and projects for investment. Wayne Co-Founded the Token Investment Group (TIG), a frontier cryptocurrency research group that researches leading edge blockchain projects on platforms like Ethereum, Polkadot, BSC, Polygon, and more.


Wayne is a CPA, CA, MBA and previously advised Fortune 500 companies and the Top 1% High Net Worth families and businesses in Canada on corporate and financial strategies, including off-shore trust and fund structures. He has a combined experience of over 10 years at CIBC and EY in Financial Services, Banking, Lending, Insurance, Capital Markets, Retail and Wealth Management. 


Wayne Chen is the CEO & Co-Founder of EukaPay, a payment gateway that helps business accept digital assets and get paid in fiat currencies. 



Wayne has performed professional keynotes and tutorial sessions at The Blockchain Research Institute, The Blockchain Futurist Conference, Blockchain Hub, Bitcoin Bay Meetups, The University of Waterloo, and many other conferences and institutions around the world.



  • passionate about new and disruptive blockchain technologies and their impact on social utility.

  • an advocate for tech companies with strong teams and technology working to upgrade the web.

  • confident the shift to a blockchain society will empower individuals, decentralize the internet, and enhance accountability to build a better trust protocol in this world.

From humble beginnings growing up in a small city outside Toronto, Canada, Wayne is dedicated to giving back through his philanthropic efforts towards the schools and communities he grew up in.


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